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What is this about?


Exopets is a modular board game where you are on the spaceship URSULA and cooperatively manage an 18-member crew.


Together you try to save as many of the  60 cute extrasolar pets (Exopets) as possible.


But among them are the Mimicries, malicious aliens who pretend to be cute and sweet.


Are we cute and sweet?

Find out!


It is the year 2175.

Hyperspace gates to foreign solar systems allow spaceships to travel to exoplanets where many cute life forms have developed. Shortly after this discovery, the offspring of super-rich planet owners want to have all Exopets at any cost.

The Exopet Transfer Company ETG now ensures that every rich child gets their sweet Exopets. The impoverished rest of humanity seeks its fortune as personnel of interstellar Exopet transporters, without realizing that this often does not end well.



On the return flight of the spaceship Ursula, there is a Mimicry incident. Mimicries disguise themselves among the Exopets. The ship’s computer Ursula then wakes up a small team of the crew from hypersleep so that they can collect the valuable Exopets and bring them to safety from the Mimicries.



Be careful!

The Mimicries live up to their name. To expose them, you must watch out for doppelgangers! And since you’re all in the same boat, be sure to watch out for your teammates’ Exopets.


The prototype works!


To make the gameplay even more immersive, the spaceship design incorporates the hexagonal and modular game board. Each Exopet transporter can be reassembled

for each flight or game.


That’s what drives us!

The love for cooperative board games and a fascination for life on foreign planets.

As MASTERMIND, I have incorporated graphic design and publishing experience from over 20 years into this game. My crew of advisors, playtesters and constructive critics provides me with amazing ideas and ensures that the fun of the game is not lost.” That’s great to hear! If you have any further questions, please let me know.




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Any more questions?


Is it played in classic game rounds?

No! Everyone plays at the same time.

There are three phases: the player phase, the ship event phase and the mimicry phase. To ensure that nobody gets bored during the player phase, there is simply no fixed player order! Everyone can perform their actions at the same time! This makes it possible to plan the approach together, more dynamically and strategically.


 What does the game board look like?


The layout of the game board changes with each game, so there are always new discoveries. It starts with the hypersleep chamber from which the freshly awakened crew members can start.


The individual coupling of the hexagonal ship modules on the ZGDR (Centrifugal-Gravity-Docking-Ring) allows the crew to rotate or completely decouple the modules within the hexagon cluster in case of an emergency.

You probably have many more questions.


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